Reiki Training & Events

>> Reiki Level One Course:

April 6th, 7th 

April 10th, 11th 

June 8th , 9th

June 29th, 30th

July 27th, 28th


Please contact for course info, we will email it to you. 


>> Sacred Sisterhood Circle:

Our 2024 women's circles have started for January and will be running throughout the year to connect, grow and empower together in sisterhood and friendships. 

Every month we cover different topics some example are: 

-Self love and Self care    -Gratitude & inner resilience   - Empowerment, authenticity   -Healing guilt, betrayal and forgiveness    - Womb healing and education on our sacred space      - Finding yourself, friendships & connection with other women 


Louise is hosting these women's circles with Josie, together they have a strong passion for empowering women and a strong love for what they do. These circles will be special with the joint energy of Josie and Lou. 

To join these gathering please check out our facebook page under events or email / message and we will get some info sent to you. 


Circle #1:    27th Jan 2024 - 11am - 3pm 

Circle #2:    10th Feb 2024    11am - 3pm 

Circle #3:     25th March 2024    11am - 3pm


Investment: $40



>>Transformational Breathwork Sessions:

We aren't talking relax and unwind breathwork…               

It’s work. It’s a challenge. Its one incredible experience!   Doing big shifts within people without having to talk about your problems!

Why do a breathwork session:

-Move through stored emotions held in body.

-Reduce PTSD, stress & anxiety

-Feel the power within yourself.

-Personal growth & transformation.

-Find yourself. Feel new emotions.

-Out of body experience. Access altered state of consciousness.

-Feel GOOD!

Sessions are run by breathwork practitioners, Stacy Taylor, Louise & Jared McKenzie. 
You'll be guided your way through the journey and supported the entire time. Everyone is coached through the specific breath, once your mind lets go, the body takes over and you really don't think about anything. You will experience altered states of consciousness and go on quite the journey to self. 

Transformational Breath Method is a type of breathwork that uses diaphragmatic breathing combined with other modalities such as acupressure, movement, meditational, emotional release, and body awareness techniques. This breathwork allows us to access subconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories.      It works by activating your subconscious mind and shining a new light onto insights and information that isn’t easily accessed. Breath opens up the energy channels in your body and allows the things we’ve been holding on to be released.

It's INCREDIBLY powerful.  Check out the Testimonials! 

 Workshop Dates for 2024 coming soon

 Cost: $70 pp  (3hours)

Venue: Matamata



>>Love & Heal Yourself Course:

This 2 part course is designed for woman who are used to putting their children, partner, career first... Who don't know the true meaning of self care. Who have had a past that still effects them. Grief, loss, trauma, pain, sadness, fear or anger.... 

A positive, uplifting, safe and healing environment, where woman transform and uncover hidden self beliefs they never knew were there. Or have constant negative self talk that they can now say goodbye too. 

These classes are small, they are intimate, they are powerful and safe for all kinds of healing. 

All info and course dates will be found on Facebook or join our email list for all upcoming events.  Or call Lou 020 41287289!

$25 per class. 

Dates available soon.

Venue: Matamata

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