Breathwork Journey

Transformational BREATHWORK:

Breathwork is taking off over the world! Though it's been used for centuries as a deep and powerful healing modality, it’s popularity and power is turning heads! 
Breathwork is 100% in your control. As you’re the one breathing, you can go as deep as you choose.  
Louise and Jared use a breath method called 'Transformational Breathwork Method'. Its rapid, controlled and specific.  We aren't talking relax & unwind, this is work and a most unexpected experience!  An incredible trauma recovery modality, great for personal growth and takes you on an incredible journey.
You are guided & supported the entire time, coached through very specific techniques, but your body knows exactly what to do, you will get to see how powerful your body really is.
It's all in your control! If it gets too much, your can slow it down, and also have the choice to keep breathing deeper into the moment.  
Why do a breathwork session:   
 -Move through stored emotions held in body.   
-Reduce PTSD, stress & anxiety.   
-Feel the power within yourself.   
 -Personal growth & transformation.
-Adventure & try new things.    
 -Find yourself. Feel new emotions. 
-Release past memories and trauma from the body.   
-Out of body experience. Access altered state of consciousness.   
 -Feel GOOD!
-Increase the oxygen levels in your body, causing incredible health benefits.
Jared & Lou find it very hard find words to explain what is felt and experienced in each breath session. But their favorite part is the altered states of consciousness, which provides great insight to their life situation and life purpose, "different & unexplainable every time. Words don’t do it justice, its one of those things you really do need to experience for your self…" They say
Private sessions: $200 2-2.5hours. 
(Travel to your home, within matamata area available)
Group events: please search events page or follow on FB.
Powerful for men's mental health 



Wim Hof BREATHWORK | with Jared:

Jared uses this powerful method in his men's mental health sessions, combining mentoring & unpacking the fears or limitations held in the mind, then 20-30mins of specific Wim Hof techniques (personalized to each person) finishing with a ice plunge.   

He runs these sessions like this because not all men know how or want to talk about their problems, this way they can hear tools and options and begin their journey by feeling. Connecting the mind and body is a vital first step. "You can't run when in the ice, it will bring up all your fears to face and move through" - Jared says.  

If your ready to leave the past behind, be the best version of yourself for your children, partner and YOU then book in with Jared and give this method a try.