Ice Plunge / Cold Therapy

Ice Plunge & Breathwork Full Cold Exposure Experience 

Extremely popular with men for mental health and physical health. Jared will coach you through a full set of Wim Hoff Breathwork to prepare the body and mind for the cold plunge. The ice is set to 2-9degrees depending on experience and personal goals.  Many fear this challenge and avoid getting in the ice, when its achieved the feeling after is powerful, and men feel charged, pumped with a much clearer head space.  


Benefits to Ice Plunge:

-Boosts Immune System 
-Improve Mental Health
-Boost Endorphins (feel good hormones)
-Converts white fat into brown fat
-Stress Control and Relief 
-Burnout recovery and prevention 
-Deal with Depression 
-More Energy
-Natural Anti-Inflammation
-Improve Mind Body Connection
-Workout Recovery
-Autoimmune disease relief 
-Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Relief
-Better Sleep
-Lower Blood Pressure
-Athletic Performance
-Improve Metabolism
-Migraine & Headache Relief 
-Increase Willpower 
-Brain Health
-Personal Growth 


>>Individual Session:
40-45min sessions: $50
x2 sessions per week $90 ( for maximum health benefits)
>>Double Session: 
Bring a mate, parent child or couples session etc..
$90 for 2 people 
Powerful for men's mental health!   


-What to bring?

Togs and towel. 

-Can you go cold plunge after workout? 
Yes, absolutely!   

A cold plunge after a workout can go a long way, relieving your muscles and also speeding up recovery time. Re-energizing you for the day.  

However, we suggest you take at least a 30-minute break between your workout and cold plunge session to let your body cool down in its natural process. 


-Can you prepare yourself before first session?  

Sure can, we recommend a few cold showers a week or few days leading up to your first session if you are wanting to prepare. 

Do this by finishing your warm shower and turn to coldest setting, take deep breaths the entire time, stay in cold for 30seconds. 

If you have a week to prepare you can grow the time each day from 30-1min.  

Remember to move in the shower, breath slow and deep and stay relaxed and calm (enjoy the cold rather than tense and fear)


Science behind Ice & Breath:  Here

For a full description of these benefits we highly recommended you check out Wim Hoffs website! Here