Testimonials and Client Stories


 “I have worked with numerous counsellors over the last few years and have unfortunately felt that even if I have had a relatively good connection with them I haven’t been able to really open myself up and get the healing that I have needed. I have left feeling like I haven’t made any progress and that it’s maybe just not for me, I have even felt like I am not ever going to be able to heal from my trauma and that this is what my life will be.

With-in my very first session with Lou I was able to open up to her about being sexually abused as a child and that I felt it was my fault. The information I gave her in the first session is more than I have ever spoken out loud, or even voiced to myself, throughout my whole life. I have never even been able to mention to any previous counsellor that I have seen that that was my reason for needing to be there.
Lou’s different approach to counselling has helped me in remarkable ways, and she has enabled me to see that it wasn’t my fault and that I am able to heal and is helping me with a clear pathway on doing this. She doesn’t push in areas where it may cause harm to do so, but has such a wide variety of resources available with-in herself to really get to the root cause instantly and get stuck right in to doing true healing.
She has such a passion and drive to help people rediscover who they are and get in touch with their true selves.
I am beyond blessed to have found her and know that anyone needing a phenomenal sexual abuse therapist will be in safe hands with Lou and be able to truely heal and live their best lives free from the crippling effects of abuse and trauma.”


“Over a two month period I underwent Reiki & Subconcious Therapy with Lou, and WOW!.. the transformation on a mind, body, and soul level has been something super unique, intriguing, and very eye-opening. My life has changed immensely, for the good. My healing journey has been a beautiful one at that, alongside this amazing lady! Lou know's her stuff, is highly intune, professional, and friendly. The atmosphere in her clinic is serene, and her approach gives you nothing but a trusting, safe, and warm feeling straight off the bat. Highly recommend! 🥰”


“I was really struggling with not having a major event or outbursts to link the trauma back to.  My way of coping through childhood and into adulthood was quietly putting a lid on my emotions, shoving them down and consciously telling myself that I have no reason to have these feelings.

Louise, after one session has opened up that jar and helped me realise that my feelings are valid. I am seen and I am heard. She's teaching me that my subconscious is doing its best to protect me and give me what I need, and I just needs a little adjustment and guidance to listen and get that correct. 

She provides a safe and comfortable environment where you feel cared about and important. She gives you more than just a good talk you can get from a counselor. She gives you the tools you need to work on yourself. She guides you to the answers of the core, rather than putting a bandaid on the symptoms She is realistic, understanding and  encouraging.” 


"The last three weeks have been a journey, and I thank you kindly for walking through these days with me. I arrived to my first Reiki session with sooo much anxiety and panic. Chronic brain fog and a feeling of utter despair. I had hit rock bottom! 1.5hrs later, I walked out with a great sense of balance, harmony and peace. All symptoms had minimalized, and I could breathe for the first time in over 7 weeks. Heart palpitations were down. Hyperventilation gone. I could literally feel the blocks being removed as you worked through the session. Totally blew my mind! The messages you had shared with me also were super comforting, and the more we spoke the more things made sense. Thankyou"


"I highly highly recommend everyone take some time for yourself and sit down with Louise....you may even find out how just a little bit of time working with her helps you to then handle big challenges on your own. Try it what have you got to lose!!!!"


"Louise was born to work in this field and help others, before heading down this career path in her day to day life she would help people with her presence and her conversation, she now has skills and knowledge to support that natural talent and is truly a force in the mental health arena, she is passionate about people unlocking what lies within but she does it in a way that everyone relates to, she views everyone as valued and their feelings and emotions as valid and this leads to amazing break throughs that are victim led and not counselor led which hold so much more power for recovery.

Key to Louise's success is in her belief and passion to help others but also using her experience to approach topics with compassion and love, and ensuring that further damage isn't caused but true healing, its easy to open up freely to Louise and discuss hard topics with ease due to the natural and calm environment she creates around her.”


“Lou’s calm and relaxed approach enabled us to feel immediately at ease. Her perceptive and intuitive wisdom was spot on and what she had to say was instinctively what we needed to hear. Highly recommend Lou! Thank you!”


"Working with Lou has helped me realize my childhood experiences have literally come through in all areas of my life. I am now working through trauma and every session I become more and more me. Until speaking with Lou, I didn't know how it affected me because I was withdrawn and emotionless. Life is getting better. Thankyou!"


“Louise is absolutely amazing at what she does. She really takes the time to ask all of the important questions, she listens and makes sure to give you time to process and think things through. I love her holistic approach to all things, and appreciate how she’s non-judgmental towards your choices but is always willing to give her take and advice where possible. If you’ve been thinking about hitting her up, then do it because you won’t regret it. Beautiful soul. “


“I want to say a massive thank you to Jared for his Reiki session! I could feel so much moving through me, it was quite the experience. Jared's energy is amazing and I look forward to working with him more. “


"Would happily say that was the most powerful and full on energy experiences i have done. wow Jared, the gift you have is amazing, I am blown away with what happened today and look forward to working with you more".


"I wasn't expecting the releases I had today. Lost for words really. Thankyou Jared. "