Subconscious Mind Therapy

These sessions have changed peoples lives!   As you can see from the testimonials, this is a very powerful practice and a lot shifts in a short amount of time. 
Re-programming the subconscious mind has helped Louise personally shift depression, relieve symptoms of PTSD, have a stronger relationship with her children and husband, its also given her the ability to live life how she wants - freeing her (and clients) from childhood beliefs & conditioning. 
Using a variety of techniques through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis & also individual personal development strategies; you can achieve goals, change negative beliefs about self, encourage happiness & heal grief, sadness & anger.
Louise main practice is called 'IFS' Internal Family Systems, which Louise blends with intuitive guidance.
This therapy gives Louise the ability to talk to the many 'parts' of your mind.
For example, 'I'm not good enough' part, could be making you feel like this to keep you from being hurt again or from being disappointed by another... 
Common 'parts' to peoples mind are: Judgement of others, People Pleasing, Not good enough, Self-conscious, Fear of the unknown, High achiever, Anxiety & panic, Depression/lack of happiness, fear of being alone or rejection. 
All of the above have been healed and shifted from clients reality, it is possible for deep change when we go deep enough.  
Its a deep inner child healing, that really does change how we live and see life.  It's a beautiful process, with many saying "It's like doing 6months of therapy in weeks".   Definity check out the testimonials from people just like you who have experienced the power of this therapy.  Or head over to the Client Stories page here.
When we go through life as a child, traumatic or challenging events happen. These moments DO NOT go away, they are stored in the subconscious mind and physical body. Big or small, to a child (your child self) it was big enough to make an impact.  When we go through these events (most we wont actually even remember) we then develop a way to cope, a 'personality trait', 'part to the mind', so the mind try's to protect this from hurting/effecting you again. This goes through the rest of your life. YES, you'll have this with you until you heal it.  Louise has helped clients through crippling anxiety, one to the point she couldn't drive and would bite her nails (as her anxiety symptom) within only 3 sessions, this client walked in with nails long enough she could paint them and did her first trip in the car on her own. Absolutely life changing. 
If your unsure of where to start, or have the same common statement as some clients do..."I didn't think this was fixable-I didn't know there was a possibility to feel better"    Then get in touch, Louise has been where you are! So give her a text or phone call to see how she can help you. 
Session Price: $90
These sessions are 1hour, if 1.5hours is required the session will be $130.