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-Providing Sacred Blue Lotus Products. All hand made in Waihi, New Zealand. 


🪷💙  Blue Lotus 🪷💙 

>>Purify Mist:

Using Blue Lotus Flower and Organic Rose water known to be Infused with love, empathy and femininity, also cleansing negative energies and heart chakra. 

Pure rainwater collected under the Super Blood Moon igniting the Alchemical elements of power and protection.

This Purification Mist is the perfect solution for cleansing your aura, body and space. Just a few sprays of this refreshing mist will purify the space around you, leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced.  The unique blend of botanical ingredients helps to eliminate negative energy and promote clarity and peace. Use it for spiritual cleansing, meditation or simply to help create a peaceful atmosphere in any environment. 

Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz have been added to enhance the properties of the ingredients.

To use: 

-For body and auric cleanse, spray in front of you and walk through the mist.  

-For your space, spray throughout the room with intention (as you would with other clearing products like Sage or Palo Santo). Great for spraying after people have been at your house or during work or inbetween clients. It clears the energy and boosts the vibration.

-For emotions for the kiddies , spray over and allow the most to gently fall over. Ask them to smell the gorgeous scent and breathe deep to their belly. 



>>Goddess Perfume Worship:

🪷💙Worship 💙🪷

Worship your Divine feminine power with this beautiful Mother of the gods perfume infused with Pure Lotus Flower.  
Allow the purity to flow through and heal your mind, body and spirit with the ancient Blue Lotus. 
This Worship Perfume is a luxurious 10ml Rollon of pure aroma of blue lotus flower. 
The exotic scent of blue lotus flower creates a mystical and alluring fragrance, perfect for any occasion.    The captivating aroma of this perfume will envelop you in a delicate and calming atmosphere, leaving you feeling peaceful and balanced. 
A great way to bring blue lotus into your life.
All the ingredients are of the purest and organic form to awaken your spiritual essence, feeding your Feminine soul.  
This is the perfect handbag sized roller bottle with a Lapis Lazuli roller top.
Self care & expanding consciousness in a bottle!


 >>Goddess Perfume Priestess:

💙🪷Priestess Perfume 🪷💙
Natural - Sacred - Ancient Egyptian 
Worship your Divine feminine power with this special perfume, infused with Pure Lotus Flower.  With the aroma to flow purity & connection through your mind, body and spirit.
Priestess Perfume is an exotic, mystical scent that will transport you to the time of Cleopatra. Infused with blue lotus, this perfume has subtle deep, rich notes.  Most say ‘I know this smell’ because of the ancient links it has within our feminine souls. 
Blue Lotus calms yet invigorates the body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the spiritual enlightenment it has to offer, and feel like a priestess of the ancient world. 
Ways to use this:
-As a natural perfume 
Apply to temples, Third eye for meditation or palms to deeply inhale while connecting with breath 
-Apply on sacred body points after shower as a self care practice 
-Roll on to palm of children when going through strong emotions or needing to connect back with themselves

>>Blue Lotus Flower Dried:

 💙It's been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac, sleep aid, and anxiety reliever.

💙Known for enhancing meditation experiences and connecting you to divine intuition.   Lucid dreaming and expansion of the mind. 

💙To live more from the heart & spirit than being stuck in the limiting mind. 

💙Calms & balances emotions, especially when stress or overwhelm starts, its powerful scent slows the brain back down to peace. 

💙Really really helps open up to beautiful feminine energies, connected with Egyptian Goddess Isis - embracing creation and re birthing.   

💙Has definitely opened up a heightened experience on evenings when enjoying blue lotus tea. It is plant medicine and holds gentle psychoactive properties, along with being an aphrodisiac.  Ancient Egyptians would drink this tea before sex or for ceremonies involving sexuality. 

💙 Very special for those starting new. Wanting to let go of the old and step into or learn what else is in store for you and your new journey ahead. 

💙 Menstrual Cramping Relief. Blue Lotus tea has been used by ancient traditions to ease cramping and as a stabilizer for a natural menstrual cycle. 

How to use:

Everyone is different, suggested to start with is 1-2Tbsp. Brew for 10mins, sit with the tea before drinking, give thanks and connect from your heart to the blue lotus.






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