Shungite & Opalite Bracelet

Shungite & Opalite Bracelet

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Handmade in Matamata, New Zealand. These bracelets are unique and eco-friendly making personal gifts or a treat for yourself. 

Shungite is a stone with many talents; the most common use is protection from EMF & negative energies.

With the constant transmission of EMFs, these can have a significant impact on your energy and overall health, so wearing Shungite jewellery is a great way to shield yourself and your family.

Its detoxifying and grounding energy also makes Shungite a powerful stone to use in meditation.  It also helps with focus, by relieving anxiety & stress; calming the mind of worry, something we could all do with. 

It also significantly enhances energy, by rejuvenating and balancing chakras and the spirit.

One of our favourite and most used stones!

 This bracelet has 4 shungite beads, with mixed crystal chip beads on ends. 

Each bracelet will come with instructions to shorten ends if too long, depending on wrist size.  All our bracelets are made to fit an adult size wrist to then be shortened if required, approx diameter 8-9cm.