IMMUNE BOOST | Crystal Roll-on

IMMUNE BOOST | Crystal Roll-on

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A must have at any time of year when your a parent! 

Keeping our immune system at its strongest is super important, especially when you are sleep deprived or stressed. 
The immune system is like a shield of armour, protecting us from infections, viruses, colds & flu etc… Studies also show how it links to our emotional well-being too. 


This blend stimulates the immune system the way nature intended. A protective blend, of clove, orange, cinnamon & rosemary and more! 

Apply to your wrists, down spine, on soles of feet, back of neck or around belly button. 

We infuse all our roll ons with crystal energy too!  Immune boost has Green Aventurine & Clear Quartz. 

There are many roll-ons on the market, I wanted ours to be special, to be more than just essential oils (even tho they are amazing just on their own) so here we have it!
Crystal Roll-ons <3



please skin test, as sensitivities may occur when using essential oils.