'Flower of Life' Crystal Grid | COMMUNICATION
'Flower of Life' Crystal Grid | COMMUNICATION

'Flower of Life' Crystal Grid | COMMUNICATION

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Crystal Grids are used to set an intention on sacred geometry, a powerful ancient practice. By using your Crystal Grid & Crystal Energy's together, the power behind your intention is then enhanced!  Write down your intention, place under the center crystal, follow the instructions in booklet and leave it in the hands of the universe to work in a divine and powerful way.
Your intention can be anything you need it to be:
-Clear, open and honest communication with my partner/loved ones.
-Stronger communication at work.
-Communicating your opinions & ideas with confidence and strength.
-Peaceful & civil conversations with a past relationship partner.
-Courage, strength, and personal power to speak in front of groups of people.
…. The intentions are endless!



AMAZONITE:  Soothing. Manifesting. Peace. Truth.

SODALITE:  Trust. Honesty. Communication.

CARNELIAN:  Courage to speak truth. Self-Empowerment.

CLEAR QUARTZ:  The ultimate healer. Magnifier. Power crystal.

SELENITE:  High vibes. Connection to universe. Power crystal.


Every grid holds it's own individual ancient properties, we recommend choosing the grid that stands out to you the most.  As they are all hold powerful sacred geometry, let you soul choose which one is meant for you.  


Each Grid comes with:

-Full set of crystals, all cleansed and charged before leaving to you. 

-Information booklet. How to use guide, crystal benefits and tips. 

-Crystal Grid, screen printed onto cotton 'natural cream' fabric. 

-Gift box, to store grid or add other spiritual tools.        


Our Crystal Grid Sets have been created 100% by New Zealand businesses. Nothing is imported. Something we are very proud of!  The grids are designed by a local Matamata graphic designer, printed by a local business and sewn by a local seamstress. The boxes are specifically made by a NZ company & our booklets printed within NZ too. 

All crystals are unique in shape and size, the crystals pictured are a guide of what you will receive in each grid set. They are intuitively selected for each order.