Cleansing & High Vibes Set | Sage
Cleansing & High Vibes Set | Sage
Cleansing & High Vibes Set | Sage

Cleansing & High Vibes Set | Sage

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Bring High Vibes - Increase Loving Energy - Balance Any Space. 
We are super passionate about having as many ancient practices available to grow holistic awareness, here’s another one for you!


SAGE is well known for it’s cleansing benefits and has been used for centuries for cleansing away negative energies and balancing energies in our home or personal energy field. 

PALO SANTO, also known as ‘Holy Wood’, is a natural wood known for centuries by South American indigenous cultures as a spiritual remedy.   Used much like a sage smudge, for purifying, cleansing, clearing negative energies around your home, also used for clearing auras and crystals.   The smoke is said to raise vibrations, to enhance creativity and clear the way for positive energy to flow.

SELENITE, is excellent for connection to the angelic realm and carries high vibrations.      Known for cleansing the aura, crystals & when paired with other home cleansing tools, it carries the high vibrations to fill the room up with. Just bliss!  Selenite is a must have for all crystal lovers in our opinion, its energy is just divine.

BAY LEAF, is mother nature’s protector, another ancient tradition.  As a way to use all our spiritual connections; this uses mother earth to bless the home and create a peaceful, grounding energy to the space.   


This set comes with:

> Instructions/guide

> Sage Smudging Stick

> 2 Palo Santo Sticks

> Selenite Wand

> Bay Leaf (dry or fresh)  

> Gift Box, to keep your cleansing ritual together or add extra spiritual tools too.


We only stock high quality, ethically sourced Palo Santo from Peru. Peru has strict regulations with sustainability of supply, it’s very important when buying Palo Santo to know it’s from Peru.